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Clarification of Bricks as per is code

  Bricks       Made of burnt clay or maximum of sand and lime, clay bricks are commonly used. It's constriction one of the best building material.  First class Bricks :characteristics of good bricks . Thoroughly burnt with deep red, cherry or copper colour. Surface should be smooth and rectangular, with parallel, sharp and straight edges and square corners. Should be free form, cracks and stones. No impression should be on the bricks when a scratch is made by a finger nail. Water Absorption should be 12-15% of its dry wt. when impressed in a cold water 24 hrs Should be uniform texture. The fracture surface of the bricks should not show lumps of lime. A metallic or ringing sound should come when two bricks are struck again each other. Crushing strength of Brick should not be less than 10.5 N/mm2 Uses:  Reinforced brick work         Exposed face work in masonry structure         Flooring and pointing         Load bearing structure          Heavy structure load bearing level like well