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ZINC TITANIUM CLADDING General Specifications: Providing and fixing of 25/430 zinc titanium double lock standing seam roofing system (thickness: 0.7 mm) with crest height of 25 mm thick consisting of fixing clips made of stainless steel to connect the zinc panel to the hat section. Comprising of the following layers. The zinc roof cladding system shall consist of the following elements to form a rigid, non-ventilated and watertight support base for installation of the pre weathered quartz zinc roofing sheets. The roofing system shall comprise of the following described from top to bottom: Top Layer- Zinc titanium standing seam profiled panels 25/430 (25 mm minimum seam height & 430 mm panel width) manufactured from zinc titanium alloy in preweathered quartz finish in 0.7 mm minimum thickness. The material. Properties shall be as follows: ultimate tensile strength minimum 150 N/mm 2 ,0.2% proof stress min 100 N/mm 2 , modulus of elasticity 90000 N/mm 2 panels shall be

What is the internal and external paint ?

 What is the internal and external paint ? A Building inside painting are called internal paint and a building out side paint is called external paint those paint are different because out side rain and sunlight come so exterior paint are protect of building form rain and also good looking.  Internal paint :   Light colour better for internal wall ,if light colour in room size is big look like. if deep colour in internal headache come. in bed room three wall one colour . another wall different colour keep in mined one wall there are no door and windows. ceiling good for white colour internal paint like plastic paint ,distemper paint ,texture paint External Paint:   wall are light colour best but in border for deep colour. rain and sunlight protector paint used for external . camouflage paint and texture paint and normal paint are used for external. used:  surface clean and rearing wall if crack and honey come is come one day before water spray in wall  used roller  Laboratory Test Repo

is kota stone used for flooring ?

  Kota stone flooring:- The slabs shall be slected quality ,hard sound,dense and homogeneous in texture free form cracks ,decay ,weathering and flows. They shall be hand or machine cut to the requisite thckness. They shall be of the colour indicated in the drawing.    The slabs shall have the top face polished before being brought to site,unless otherwise specified the slab shall conform to the size required .before starting the work the contractor shall get the samples of slabs approved by the engineer.          Dressing :- Every slab shall be cut to the required size and shape and fine chisel dressed on the sides to the full depth so that a straight edge laid along the side of the stone shall be in full contact with it. The sides shall be table rubbed with coarse sand or machine rubbed before pacing . All angles and edges of the slabs shall be true , square and free form chippings ans the surface shall be true and plane. The thickness of the slab after it is dreaded shall be