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Soak pit Construction Coast

   What is  Soak pit The effluent is allowed to be soaked or absorbed into the surrounding soil. soak pit is field with gravel brick bats. Item of soak pit Brick work Rcc hume pipe  Brick bad Excavation and back filling  Sl no Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount 1 Honey comb brick work Cum 3.495 8000 27960 2 Rcc Hume pipe Meter 2.5 1000 2500 3 Brick bad Cum 11.36 4000 45440 4 Excavation and back filling Cum 21 250 5200  with labor and material coast =81,100/- why construction soak pit Disposal of effluents form septic tank :-The effluent of septic tank will have Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of 100 to 200 mg/L and hence it can not be disposed of into water coarse Method of septic tank eff

Hard Standing construction

Hard Standing construction Definition               concrete large surface area is known as hard standing. generally hard standing use for heavy traffic area or airport or font side of parking shad  Construction equipment  C-channel wiper  funty(5m) for surface finishing wire Brush for rough surface texture finishing plate vibrator Auto level mastic pad for expansion joint  Construction Material PQC 30 grade concrete minimum 360 kg/cum and maximum 425 kg/cum(slump is bellow 40mm) OPC cement 43 grade  fly ash add as per design mix and client satisfy  Construction procedure           C-channel fixing as per drawing and maintain slope 1 in 400.Minimum thickness is 200 mm and pouring 2 layer concrete . Every 20m to 30m keep expansion joint .every expansion joint 500 mm ms round bar 25mm diameter are placing 250mm c/c.       after pouring proper finishing . for rough surface texture by wire brash after minimum setting time       after final setting remove C-channel and pouring next panel.

Silt Content Test as per IS Code

Silt Content Test as per IS Code   Take a little sand and rub the same in hand, if palm remain clean it can be assumed that sand is free of silt that called is silt content test . It is hand test. Frequency of testing  Every 20cum or more frequency as decided by engineer in charge  Permissible limit   Acceptance standard -maximum permissible limit silt content shall not be " more than 8%"  as per is code 383 and as per CPWD specification  Note: (i) If silt content is more, corrective action taken should be noted in column 10 and silt content referred after such action  and recorded in the register.             (i) Fine aggregate contenting more silt than allowable percentage shall be washed so that the silt contents are with in prescribed limit for which nothing shall be paid  Test for silt content  The method for determining silt contents is as follows:     A sample of sand to be tested shall be placed with out drying in a 200 ml measuring cylinder the volume of sample shal

M30 Mix design as per IS 10262

M30 Mix design as per IS 10262 Cement fine aggregate and coarse aggregate and admixture and water mix with maintain proposals by ratio and kilogram archive target strength in 28 days strength 34.125 N/mm2 that is called mix design of concrete M30 Details of sample  : concrete mix design (with FOSROC, AURMAIX 200 admixture  ) Test Required   :determination of mix proportion for M-30 grade concrete   Report : Coarse aggregate was supplied in two size (i) 20 mm (ii) 10 mm. the properties of the coarse aggregate and fine aggregate (sand) are given in Appendix -A The cement Supplied was PPC, BIRLA GOLD cement Y 2021.The properties are given in Appendix-B Trial mix were cast and tested as per IS: 456-2000 and IS :10262-2009 & SP -23 Saturated surface dry aggregates were used as per IS : 10262-2009 Degree of control- Good  Exposure condition Moderate  Recommended Mix proportion for M-30 grade concrete Grade of concrete Water cement Sand CA-(