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What is the different between OPC and PPC ?

 What is the different between OPC and PPC ? OPC  full name: Ordinary Portland cement ? PPC full name : Portland porozolona cement ? Both OPC and PPC cement  used for construction purpose but those cement bogies component and setting time heat of hydration , hardness and used purpose, curing period ,grad of cement  are different. main different opc cement and ppc cement are given below Sl no                  OPC Cement                          PPC cement 1. Opc cement initial setting time is more then PPC cement PPC cement initial setting time is less compare to opc cement 2. OPC cement is available in different grades, including 33 Grade, 43 Grade, and 53 Grade, which indicate the compressive strength of the cement. PPC cement does not have specified grades like OPC cement. However, it is commonly available in the market with a standard set of properties suitable for general constru