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Role of project manager in construction

  Role Of Project Management: 1.        To avoid delay 2.        T0 achieve economy in project cost 3.        To use resources economically (sparingly) Phases Of Project Management: 1.        Planning 2.        Scheduling 3.        Controlling Planning:   Identifying various activities, costs, duration, sequences. Are involved in this phase., Scheduling: This phase includes fixing starting & finishing of activities & sequence. Controlling: Recognizing bottlenecks and adopting measures.           1.        Bar chart i)         It is introduced by Henry Gantt around 1900 A.D. Bar chart is also called Gantt Chart. ii)        The bar chart consists of two axis The horizontal axis represents time required for completion of activities and vertical represents the respective jobs or activities to be performed. iii)      Each bar represents one specific job or activity of the project. The beginning and end of each bar represent the time of star

Timber testing laboratories

 Timber testing laboratories Specific gravity  Volumetric shrinkage compressive strength  Tension Test Bending test Density -moisture relationship  Specific gravity:  The specimen of 50mm x 50mm x150mm is taken and its weight is measured. The specific gravity of the timber is G=(W/V)(100/(100+M).where W=weight of the specimen ;v=volume of the specimen ;m=moisture content; specific gravity of good timber should be approximately 1.54 Volumetric shrinkage  The specimen is weighted initialy and the volume is determined  the specimen is kept in and oven at 1030 +-20'C untile approximately constant weight is reached. volumetric shrinkage of the timber =(Vi-Vf)/Vi Moisture content in percentage =(Wi-Wf)/Wi Oven Dry specific gravity G=Wf /Vf where Vi and Wi are initial volume and weight respectively Vf and Wf are final (oven dry sample's) volume and weight respectively .    Compressive strength: The specimen 50 x 50 x 200mm is used with grains generally perpendicular to the direction o