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IS 456 construction water

IS 456 construction water 1. water test at site very important as per is 456. with out water test not start the work  chemical test of water are ph value, percentage of total solid, suspended solids, organic solids, chlorides as CL , sulphate as SO4 2. water chemical composition required as per below table. Name of test Ref. acceptable limit as per IS :456-2000 Required volume of 0.02 normal H 2 SO 4   to neutralize 10ml sample of water using mixed indicator 25ml Required volume of 0.02 normal NaOH to neutralize 10ml sample of water using phenolphthalein as an indicator 5ml Sulphate as SO 4 400mg/l max Chlorides as Cl 200mg/l(500mg/l for Rc work) Organic solids 200mg/l Inorganic solids 3000mg/l Suspended solids 2000 mg/l PH value Not less then 6 and not more then 7.5 Percentage o

CONSTRUCTION site Document

    Construction site document construction site field check list required for good quality work and client satisfier and document proof for any departmental site visit Site document  1. site order book: (it is issue for site engineer IN charge commend ) 2. work dairy :(maintain every day for any work and labor and machine) 3. Request for inspection  4. Sample approval register 5.Steel supply and acceptance register 6.Hindrance register 7. Drawing register 8. Level register 9. Stage passing register 10. BBS Register : (If client requirement) 11.cement consumption 12.Admixture consumption 13.Baching plant batch Report Site Lab Documents    1. Moisture correction 2. Silt content of sand  3. Gradation of 10mm aggregate 4. Gradation of 20mm aggregate 5. Gradation of sand 6. Slump test 7. Compressive strength of concrete cube : (It is very important any small project also) 8.Water absorption of solid Blocks 9.Compressive strength of solid blocks 10.Cement Supply and acceptance 11.Consistenc