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Standard size of beam

 Shape beam In IS code not mention any standard size of beam , we can take any shape of beam ,but not deflection not bending ,it will be good for any rectangular shape of beam. Minimum thickness of beam  200 X 450 MM 230 X 450 MM 230 X 500 MM 230 X 600 MM 230 X 750MM 230 X 700 MM Note : 200 X 200 MM Column for boundary wall and lintel beam  Type of beam :- Cantilever beam  Simple supported beam  continues beam over hanging beam prop cantilever beam  Beam Main Reinforcement :- For any residential building G + 2 , up to 3.6m span beam top bar 2 nos 10mm dia  and bottom bar 2 nos 12 mm dia .if  beam shape and size is increase reinforcement also increase. Reinforcement percentage 0.6% to 8 % of the area . Lateral stirrup :- for nominal  8mm dia bar 150mm c/c. not exceed 300 mm. Load :- slab load come to beam and beam load come to column . Cove Block :-  Beam 25 mm cover block maintain as per is 456, if sew waters 15 mm extra 40mm cover. Location of beam :- out side wall and partition w

What is PEB Structure ?

PEB Structure :- Pre Engineering building (PEB) is pre fabricated steel structure and low cast first construction, This technology used for supper structure of building . Application PEB Structure :-  Wear House  Parking shad  Passenger terminate building Workshop Railway station  Building  shade Steel column :- Vertical steel start member are called steel column ,generally used for super structure it may be short column and long column ,sub structure  are RCC and joint by Anchor bolt. Steel beam:- Horizontal steel start member are called steel beam ,steel beam also called rafter, roof sheeting load and praline load come steel beam. Z praline:- above beam and connect of another beam is called z praline, z praline not required to paint   Sag Rod :- 12mm dia bar two end are thread connect to each praline is called sag rod. Knoop :- Beam and column cantilever section in steel structure are called Knoop  GP2 Grouting:- Rcc structure and steel structure joint by anchor bolt and 20mm t

House construction steps

 House construction steps in low cast  house construction standard  Dia of reinforcement and column size and beam size and bed room size kitchen size and floor height  are very important to maintain . don't suggestion any mason if you consultant any Civil  Engineer and any house construction company Footing size (900 mm X 900 mm) Construction cement per cum  column Size 300 X 300 mm (200 X 450mm) Beam size 200 X 450 mm Finishing Floor level Bed Room size 3.0 m X 3.6 m Drawing room 3.0m X 3.6 m Kitchen Size 2.0 m X 2.3m Bath Room 1.2 m X 1.8 m Wall thickness Height of floor 2.85 m Slab thickness 125mm Door Size Windows Size Plastering  Plumbing  Electric Note: all thickness and size for minimum and up to G+3 stories building  1. Footing Size :   minimum footing size 900 mm X 900 ( mm 10 mm dia reinforcement 150 c/c  . footing edge thickness is 150mm and center thickness 250 mm . 2. Construction cement : Generally for residential house M25 grade of concrete and minimum cement 320 kg

Type of Ready mix Concrete grades

  Type of Ready mix Concrete grades Advantage of ready mix concrete :  Good quality Concrete Time saving  if mass concrete pump also provide Number of vehicle provide if quality fail responsible for ready mix Ready Mix Plant: If concrete produced at a location other than the construction site is generally and good control over the process. The concrete from the plant is dumped into a transit mixer for transportation to the construction site. Concrete batching plant: Concrete can be produced on site using a batching plant of smaller capacity and directly used. These are used for small volumes. Ready mix plant is of three types: 1.        Transit mixed concrete. 2.        Shrink mixed concrete. 3.        Central mixed concrete. In transit mixed concrete: The mixing is done while charging the truck mixed and then drum is revolved at normal rate while going to site. In shrink mixed concrete: Mixing is partly done at plant and partly at site. In central mixed plant: mix