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VDF flooring procedure

        Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (VDF) is concrete floor, Technique to achieve High Strength, Longer Life, smooth finishing  and and low cast compare to other flooring. VDF  flooring is suitable for heavy vehicle and heavy traffic movement.    Concrete Vacuum Dewatering System. VDF flooring or vacuum dewatered flooring               vacuum dewatered flooring is concrete flooring .This type of flooring batter for smooth finishing and high tensile strength and high compressive strength because using of reinforcement and minimum M20 grad of concrete. But generally using in M25 grad of concrete. after vibrating dewatering with vacuum pipe for maintain water cement ratio.       as per is code 456:2000 minimum slump is 25mm to 75mm and minimum thickness is 125mm for vacuum dewatering flooring (vdf).   Useable material and machine  for VDF flooring  grad of concrete as per Design mix. Racon fiber for reduce hair crack super plasticizer admixture 0.5 to 1.5 lit dos per cum for increase settin