VDF flooring procedure


Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (VDF) is concrete floor, Technique to achieve High Strength, Longer Life, smooth finishing  and and low cast compare to other flooring. VDF
 flooring is suitable for heavy vehicle and heavy traffic movement.  Concrete Vacuum Dewatering System.

VDF flooring or vacuum dewatered flooring
      vacuum dewatered flooring is concrete flooring .This type of flooring batter for smooth finishing and high tensile strength and high compressive strength because using of reinforcement and minimum M20 grad of concrete. But generally using in M25 grad of concrete. after vibrating dewatering with vacuum pipe for maintain water cement ratio.

      as per is code 456:2000 minimum slump is 25mm to 75mm and minimum thickness is 125mm for vacuum dewatering flooring (vdf).
Useable material and machine  for VDF flooring 
  • grad of concrete as per Design mix.
  • Racon fiber for reduce hair crack
  • super plasticizer admixture 0.5 to 1.5 lit dos per cum for increase setting time and reduce water cement ratio.
  •  finishing machine with two type blead 
  • dewatering pump with vacuum pipe 
  • line Dori and level pipe 
  • ms channel for requirement thick
  • wiper for cleaning cement slurry 
  • bull nose aluminum funti 
  • group cutting machine with blead 5mm to 10mm thick
  • plate vibrator  

VDF flooring construction procedure 

  • at first good cleaning air blowing
  • bar bending work as per design dia and spacing  
  • MS channel fixing 
  •  wide is maximum 4 meter and length is maximum 15meter (carracks coming for big panel)     
  • concrete pouring and concrete laying  up to channel top
  • using plate vibrator
  • after that vacuum  dewatering by pump 
  • leveling of concrete
  • after leveling dry 1 to 2 hour 
  • after that using finishing machine 
  • up to smooth finishing  
  • using mastic pad for expansion joint and column joint 
  • curing up to 7 days because head of hydration is coming as per is 456:2000
  • after 7 days group cutting compulsory because of carrack is coming 

  • after group cutting  filling by fosroc Colpor 200PF( cold applied ,high performance, pitch free, polyurethane pavement joint sealant ) 

Type of application area 

      parking shad and workshop railway station hospital and store building . VDF flooring also using at commercial purpose and residential purpose and industrial also.

 Advantage of vdf flooring 
  • low cast compare to other floor
  • First construction process 
  • smooth and heavy pavement     

Disadvantage of vdf flooring
  • crack is coming if group cutting is late and big panel.       


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