1:2:4 concrete mix calculator

 1:2:4 concrete mix calculator

concrete mix1:2:4 mins one is cement and two is sand(fine aggregate) and 4 is stone chip (coarse aggregate)

coarse aggregate is two type 10mm and 20mm , 10mm will be 40 percentage and 20mm will be 60 percentage (for batter mixing)

1 cum wet volume =1.53cum dry volume

Ratio is 1:2:4=1+2+4=7

cement : 1/7x1.53=0.22/0.035=6.24 Bag =313 kg

(cement unit volume 1450=50/1450=0.035)

Sand (fine aggregate): 1/7x1.53x2=0.44 cum=15.43cft

Coarse aggregate: 1/7x4x1.53=0.87 cum = 30.87 cft

10mm : 0.87x0.40=0.35cum = 12.28cft

20mm : 0.87x 0.60=0.522 cum =18.43cft

Water : water cement ratio as per IS 456 0.45 to 0.6 . we 

assume 0.5 if plasticizer is not provided=313x0.5=156.5liter

(slump maintain for 100mm , if water cement ratio is more and give strength is less

so maintain minimum water cement ratio)

if plasticizer is used then it will be 0.8 percent of cement =0.008x313 =2.54 liter

Note: it is nominal mix M20 grade , its not design mix

This type of nominal mix are used in small building and small structure.


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