Hard Standing construction

Hard Standing construction

            concrete large surface area is known as hard standing. generally hard standing use for heavy traffic area or airport or font side of parking shad 

Construction equipment 
  • C-channel
  • wiper 
  • funty(5m) for surface finishing
  • wire Brush for rough surface texture finishing
  • plate vibrator
  • Auto level
  • mastic pad for expansion joint 
Construction Material
  • PQC 30 grade concrete minimum 360 kg/cum and maximum 425 kg/cum(slump is bellow 40mm)
  • OPC cement 43 grade 
  • fly ash add as per design mix and client satisfy 

Construction procedure 
      C-channel fixing as per drawing and maintain slope 1 in 400.Minimum thickness is 200 mm and pouring 2 layer concrete . Every 20m to 30m keep expansion joint .every expansion joint 500 mm ms round bar 25mm diameter are placing 250mm c/c. 
     after pouring proper finishing . for rough surface texture by wire brash after minimum setting time 
     after final setting remove C-channel and pouring next panel. then joining are called contraction joint. every contraction joint are group cutting and filling by group filler . following IS Code is IRC 15. and SP 43.

Type of joint 
  • contraction joint
  • Expansion joint
  • Flexural beam test 28 days (700 X 150 X 150)
  • Cube test 7 days and 28 days 


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