CONSTRUCTION site Document


Construction site document
construction site field check list required for good quality work and client satisfier and document proof for any departmental site visit
Site document 
1. site order book: (it is issue for site engineer IN charge commend )
2. work dairy :(maintain every day for any work and labor and machine)
3. Request for inspection 
4. Sample approval register
5.Steel supply and acceptance register
6.Hindrance register
7. Drawing register
8. Level register
9. Stage passing register
10. BBS Register : (If client requirement)
11.cement consumption
12.Admixture consumption
13.Baching plant batch Report

Site Lab Documents  

1. Moisture correction
2. Silt content of sand 
3. Gradation of 10mm aggregate
4. Gradation of 20mm aggregate
5. Gradation of sand
6. Slump test
7. Compressive strength of concrete cube : (It is very important any small project also)
8.Water absorption of solid Blocks
9.Compressive strength of solid blocks
10.Cement Supply and acceptance
11.Consistency of cement
12.Initial and setting time of Cement
13.Compressive strength of Cement
14.Flakiness and elongation of aggregates
15.Impact value of aggregate
16.Shape and size of Block (If client Requirement other wise shape and size are getting compressive  strength)
17.Cement Testing register 
18.Steel testing Register
19.Compaction test of soil

Third party Test report 

1. Mix design ( Form recognize University )
2. Reinforcement steel (mild Steel and cross steel which one is used site form recognize university)
3.Water (it is Required for every  3 month )
4. Cement
5. Soil test Certificate


1.all document mandatory because any client and any deportment visit site they are asking for supporting document 
2. RA bill submitting all supporting document are Required 


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