IS 456 construction water

IS 456 construction water

1. water test at site very important as per is 456. with out water test not start the work 
chemical test of water are ph value, percentage of total solid, suspended solids, organic solids, chlorides as CL , sulphate as SO4
2. water chemical composition required as per below table.

Name of test

Ref. acceptable limit as per IS :456-2000

Required volume of 0.02 normal H2SO4  to neutralize 10ml sample of water using mixed indicator


Required volume of 0.02 normal NaOH to neutralize 10ml sample of water using phenolphthalein as an indicator


Sulphate as SO4

400mg/l max

Chlorides as Cl

200mg/l(500mg/l for Rc work)

Organic solids


Inorganic solids


Suspended solids

2000 mg/l

PH value

Not less then 6 and not more then 7.5

Percentage of total solids

Not more then 0.8%

 3. Every 3 month water test is required at construction site

4. above table is not a drinking water this table for site construction use water

5.water test required for RCC , curing, PCC , brick work and plastering and etc.

6.Mainly water test report Required form IIT or NIT or State top university

7. water sample taken one liter in bottle,

8. Total 3 sample taken at lest 

9. aesthetically good sample taken


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