Advantage of AAC Block

 What is AAC Block

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is A light weight, and high insulating Durable building product, which is produced wide Range size strength ,AAC block light weight compare to CC bricks and red bricks, AAC block is different and CC block is different.

Mortar Thickness :- Keep it limited to 10mm to 12mm with regular cement mortar and 3mm to 4mm with ready made jointing mortar.

Watering Block:- Before application the motor Dip block in water and lift immediately or reply water with brush.

Curing of Masonry:- Curing Required only for cement mortar joint and not required for ready made mortar joint.

Cutting block :- Used tool like hacksaw or rotary cutter

Plaster :-  Minimum external plaster thickness Will be 12mm to 15 mm and internal 10mm to 12mm.

Advantage of AAC Block:-  

  1. The AAC block help in quick quick construction work there by reducing time and construction cost.
  2. AAC block easy to cutting block and used ordinary tools.
  3. AAC block is fire resistance 2 hours to 6 hours.
Disadvantage of AAC Block:- 
  1.  The production cost per unit for AAC Block is higher then other ordinary Bricks 
  2. It is not strong conventional concrete.
Testing and Sampling :- Every lot 24 AAC block taken for testing. out of 24 Block 12 Block for Compressive Strength and 3 Block for thermal conductivity and 3 block for dry Srinkage and 3 Block for Density. 
  • Compressive Test - IS Code-6441(Part-5)
  • Density test - IS Code 6441(part-1)
  • Moisture test
  • Sound Transmission Test
  • U-value test
  • Dry Shrinkage test- IS Code (Part-2)
  • Size tolerance is +- 1.5mm
  • Compressive strength 3 to 4.5 n/mm2(as per is 2185 part -3)
  • Normal Dry density 550 to 600 kg/m3


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