Type of cement in india

Type of cement in india 

Cement: The cement used shall be any of the following and the type of selected should be appropriate for the intend use :
  1. 33 Grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 269
  2. 43 Grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 8112
  3. 53 grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS12269
  4. Rapid hardening Portland cement conforming to IS 8041
  5. Portland slag cement conforming to IS 455
  6. Portland pozzolana cement (calcined clay based) conforming to IS 1489(part2)
  7. Hydrophobic Cement conforming to IS 8043
  8. Low heat Portland cement confirming to IS 12600
  9. Sulphate  Resisting port land cement confirming to IS 12330

    Minaral admixture 
  • pozzolanas:pozzolanic material confirming to relevant Indian standards may be used with the permition of the engineer in charge provided uniform blending with cement is insured 
  • Fly ash : fly ash confirming 1 of IS 3812 may be used part replacement of ordary nary port land cement provided uniform blended cement is ensured 
  • Silica fume: silica fume confirming to a standard provided by the deciding authority may be used part of replacement of the cement provide uniform blending with the cement is ensure .  


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