Anti- Termite for House


Anti- Termite(AAT)

Chemical treatment of soil for the Protection of building form attack by subterranean termites . its include reference to the chemicals to be used, lays down minimum rates of application for usage and out line Procedures to be followed while The building is under construction. 


IS 6313 (part2) for ATT using procedure location of the structure 

IS 8944 For Tasting 

Pre - Construction Soil treatment 

     This is the process in which soil treatment is applied to a building during the early stage of its construction.

Site Preparation 

The removal of trees, stumps, logs or roots form a building site reduce the hazards form subterranean termites. Similarly the subfloor area should be kept free form all debris in which a new colonies of termites might be established. in Order to ensure uniform distribution of treating solution.

Basic Principle   

Chemical toxic to subterranean termites may be used effectively to check termite infestation in the soil these are useful treatment of new building sites and may also be used to eradicate existing infestation in building and to prevent infestation .


  1. Chlorpyrifos  20 EC and relevant Indian standard code is 8944
  2. Lindane 20 EC and relevant Indian standard code is 632
Water added with emulsion
         Chlorpyrifos row emulsion add 1:19 ratio mean one liter emulsion and 19 liter water. with poper picolution of safety rule of WHO

Type of testing as per 8944
  • Cold test 
  • Stability test 

Treatment of top surface of plinth filling 
     Top surface of The consolidate earth with in plinth walls shall be treated with chemical emulsion at the rate of 5 L/m2 of the surface before the sand bed or sub grade is laid. if the field earth has been well rammed and the surface does not allow the emulsion to seep through holes up to 50 to 75 mm deep at 150 center both ways may be made with in 12 mm diameter mild steel road on the surface of facilitate saturation of the soil. with the chemical emulsion.

Treatment of soil Along External perimeter of building 
     After the building is completed the earth along external perimeter of the building should be rodded at intervals of 150 mm to a depth of 300mm The rod should be moved backward and forward parallel to the wall to break earth chemical emulation poured along the wall rate of 7.5 L/m2 of the vertical surface. After the treatment the earth should be tamped back into place should the earth out side the building be graded on completion of building this treatment should be carried out on completion of such grading.


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