Slump Test concrete value

 Slump Test concrete value

Workability concrete 

The concrete mix proportion chosen should be such that the concrete is of adequate workability for the placing condition of the concrete can be properly 

Size of slump cone:- 
slump cone lower side diameter 200mm and upper side diameter 100mm and height is 300mm 

Instrument requirement :-
Slump cone and tempering rod and towel and GI ghamela 

 Slump for placing condition divided into five type as per IS 456

  1. Very low slump
  2. low slump
  3. Medium slump
  4. high slump
  5. very High slump
1.Very low slump:-
It is very low category of workability where strict control is necessary for example pavement quality concrete ,measurement of workability by determination of compacting factor will be more appropriate than slump and a value of compacting factor of 0.75 to 0.80 is suggested  this type of concrete is use in Blinding concrete shallow section pavement and pavers block and pavers tiles.

2.Low Slump:-
Mass concrete lightly reinforced section in slab ,beam ,wall ,column , floors, hand place pavement ,canal lining strip footing etc. low slump range is 25mm to 75mm.

3. Medium slump:-
Heavy reinforced section in slab beam wall column etc. Medium slump range 50mm to 100mm and 75mm to 10mm.

4.High slump:-
Slip form work pumped concrete , trench fill in situ piling. high slump range between 100mm to 150mm.

5.Very high slump
In the very high category of workability measurement of  workability by determine will be flow appropriate line "Tremie concrete"(For Tremie concrete no need to used vibrator)

IS Code 
  • For Recrement of water cement ratio IS 456
  • For p slump test procedure IS 1199.

Procedure Testing of slump cone 
             Slump cone cleaning and pouring of concrete by fore step and one step is 25 stock by 16mm rod .
After completing pouring slowly pul by hand. After that concrete down. The we measurement the height of concrete form handel of cone.  That measurement is our measuring slump . It will complete with in two minutes. 

Note:- If site design mix available then no need to flow this type of slump. we flowing as per design mix slump.


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