Terrace water proofing

Terrace water proofing 

     For Resist the run off water or rain fall . give good long life of slab . with out roof treatment leakage of water and first damage the steel .

Providing and applying Hybrid polyurea WH 200 FOSROC or Conirroof of BASF or equivalent with following specification 
Surface preparation 
         All Surface to be water proofed should be sound clean and dry. All high spots Should be removed. Surface to be finish to a smooth texture by mechanical means. Moss and lichen (if any) must be removed Physically followed by treatment with fungicidal wash to kill any spores and inhibit future growth after treatment wash down thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Localized Treatment of Crack :  FOSROC nitocote VF Epoxy Putty or equivalent Shall be apply to fill any hair line cracks, pot holes and other undulation using meatal float manually on damaged mother surface ( where ever required ) after proper mixing the base and hardener and after 24 hrs. Buffing machine shall be used to minimize undulation followed by vacuum cleaning.

Construction joint Treatment :  
                 Identify cracks, crevices and honeycomb areas on the slab surface at floor slab construction joint then cashing them open in the form of  "V" group and fixing .
                 PVC nozzles of 18mm dia fill the V group with Renderoc CS and grouting the same and cement Slurry admixed with cabex 100 ,expandable grout additive @225 gms per bag cement of 50kg to full saturation.
             providing and apply two coats of total 1.5mm thickness 100% solids, flexible two component, rapid curing first setting zero VOC  content hybrid polyurea WH200 of FOSROC of coin roof of BASF or equivalent system providing height correction resistance abrasion and water proofing resistance after primer application with NITOPRIME 31 of FOSROC or equivalent .it must have minimum tensile strength of 13 MPA (ASTM D^@$C ).The minimum elongation should be 450%(as per ASTM D412)the shore hardness must be minimum 80 and abrasion  value abrasion .19 mg/1000cycles DINEN ISO 5470. it is to be applied at the required application coverage rate to be applied as per manufactory specification approval drawing specified and directed by engineer all level.

Providing and laying protection layer of cement screed of (1:2:4) and working out smooth finishing the screed shall be the top of Geo textile .the screed shall have minimum thickness of 50mm at the slope 1:100 the screed shall be reinforced with a weld mess NO 3315 spicing 75mm X 75mm , wire size 1.42mm ). The screed shall be cured by ponding minimum 7 Days .


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