Internal plaster check list

 Internal plaster check list

                             After 7 Days curing start plastering work, check list maintain by civil engineer and supervisor, its mandatory for every internal plastering.

1.       Electrical conduit and GI box fixing as per drowning or No objection certificate form electrical engineer.

2.       Chicken mesh fixing column & brick wall joint by nails or cement pest. chicken mesh fixing when both are flat 150mm wide chicken wire mesh cutting form roll of dived both equal side.

3.        Brick work full saturation and observed full water observation.

4.       Thickness gauge fixing in brick wall plaster thickness 10mm to 12.5mm for vertical wall.

5.       Column & slab all Rcc structure hacking properly for good bonding.

6.       Proper cleaning of any wooden and any trial & any plastic are fixing in wall & slab.

7.       Scaffolding or staging required for heigh level plastering.

8.       Cement salary After water saturation cement salary doing all the plastering area.

9.       Cube pouring by plastering motor cube size is 70.6mm x 70.6mm x 70.6mm

10.   Plumbing work If bath room plastering or any plumbing connection coming UPVC pipe work. As per drawing.

11.   If commercial building HVAC & fire fitting opening heigh light as per HVAC & fire fitting drawing.

12.   Aluminum door and windows properly maintain all door and windows and silt level also maintain.


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