Plastering in construction



                                         Plastering in construction 

Plastering: Give a smooth surface water proofing heat proofing, low cast smooth surface of interior wall and exterior wall, plastering is a most common item in construction 

i)  Internal plastering:

Thickness of plastering 10mm to 15mm and mixed ratio 1:6

ii) External plastering:

External plastering thickness is two coted. First coated is 12mm thickness. It is rough finishing, & Mixed ratio is 1:6. Second coted is 6mm thickness. It is smooth finishing, & Mixed ratio is 1:3.

iii)   Celling plaster:

Celling plaster thickness 6mm, & mixed ratio is 1:4.

iv)  Sand:

Zone – iv sand better for plastering for smooth finishing applicable river sand and stone dust also applicable if river sand is costly and or not available

v)   Instrument:

Twel, patta aluminium, plum bob, belcha, gamela, scaffolding.

vi)  Cement Recommendation:

PPC cement best for plastering compare to OPC cement. Because OPC cement heat of hydration is more hair crack coming

vii) Chemical recommendation:

Chemical recommendation recon fiber used for reduce hair crack. For 1 bag cement one packet

viii)   Curing:

For PPC cement curing period is 7 days. For cool weather and hot weather 10 days

Water cement ratio is 0.35

Used : Building, boundary wall, water tank



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