what is the standard thickness of wall putty


  1.  Product description:

Wall putty is cement based power fortified with polymer and additives it is deal for used exterior and interior wall & celling to give a smooth undulation free surface

2.       Description for use:

i)                    Surface preparation:

Remove all loose laky chalky butane forma the wall by wire brushing or used sand emery paper. Clean the surface with water allow use surface to dry.

a)      Dilution:

Add 40 – 45 % water by volume to the putty mix thoroughly using mechanical stirrer. To make a homogenous paste. Allow the mixture to sand at least 10 minute prior to application.

3.       Application procedure:

Pre wet the wall surface before application or of 1st coat.

Apply the first coat with a putty knife / trowel by drawing bottom to top.

·         Apply the second coat after an internal of 1st day. Final thick should be around 1.5 – 2.0 mm in 2 coats.

·         Smooth the surface with fine energy paper 180 – 220 no and Remove loose particles minimum after 2 day’s of applying the second final coat.

·         Ideally you should was’ t for 3 days before applying primer coat depending online climate condition.


4.       Recommendation:

Apply putty with in 2 hrs of mixing apply primer on top of putty before application of top coats. Store the putty bag in a cool and dry place.



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