House construction steps

 House construction steps in low cast

 house construction standard  Dia of reinforcement and column size and beam size and bed room size kitchen size and floor height  are very important to maintain . don't suggestion any mason if you consultant any Civil  Engineer and any house construction company

  1. Footing size (900 mm X 900 mm)
  2. Construction cement per cum 
  3. column Size 300 X 300 mm (200 X 450mm)
  4. Beam size 200 X 450 mm
  5. Finishing Floor level
  6. Bed Room size 3.0 m X 3.6 m
  7. Drawing room 3.0m X 3.6 m
  8. Kitchen Size 2.0 m X 2.3m
  9. Bath Room 1.2 m X 1.8 m
  10. Wall thickness
  11. Height of floor 2.85 m
  12. Slab thickness 125mm
  13. Door Size
  14. Windows Size
  15. Plastering 
  16. Plumbing 
  17. Electric
Note: all thickness and size for minimum and up to G+3 stories building 

1. Footing Size :  minimum footing size 900 mm X 900 ( mm 10 mm dia reinforcement 150 c/c  . footing edge thickness is 150mm and center thickness 250 mm .
2. Construction cement : Generally for residential house M25 grade of concrete and minimum cement 320 kg per cum .
3.Column Size : For normal house minimum column size as per is code 300 mm X 300mm . if house house architected good looking then column size 200 mm X 450mm both column area are same and material cost also same, Reinforcement of column is 12 mm bar minimum 4 nos and stirrup is 200mm center to center. (startup dia is 8mm )
4. Beam Size : Beam size are minimum 200mm X 450mm . it also same plinth beam and slab beam and roof beam . minimum dia of reinforcement is 4 bar, 2 bar is 12 mm for bottom and 2 bar is 10mm for top. Strip is 150 mm center to center( strip dia 8 mm )
5. Finishing floor level : finishing floor level also called FFL , FFL is above grand level 600mm , floor level 100 mm thick PCC 1:2:3 ratio not required for reinforcement.
6. Bed room size : bed room stander size is 3.0 X 3.6m (10' X 12') and  3.6 X 4.2 m (12' X14') as per your budget. 4 nos column four corner , no need to meddle of the column.
10. Wall thickness : Outer wall 230 mm thick
                                  Partition wall 100 mm thick with out plaster
12. Slab thickness : 125 mm thick and reinforcement is 8mm 150 mm center to center (reinforcement binding experience bartender)
13. Door size:  Main gate 1.2 X 2.1 m
                         bed room door 0.9 X 2.1m
                         bath room door 0.75 X 2.1m
14. Windows size: bed room 1.2 X 1.2 m
                                0.9m X 1.2m


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