Standard size of beam

 Shape beam

In IS code not mention any standard size of beam , we can take any shape of beam ,but not deflection not bending ,it will be good for any rectangular shape of beam.

Minimum thickness of beam 

  • 200 X 450 MM
  • 230 X 450 MM
  • 230 X 500 MM
  • 230 X 600 MM
  • 230 X 750MM
  • 230 X 700 MM
Note : 200 X 200 MM Column for boundary wall and lintel beam 

Type of beam :-

  • Cantilever beam 
  • Simple supported beam 
  • continues beam
  • over hanging beam
  • prop cantilever beam 

Beam Main Reinforcement :- For any residential building G + 2 , up to 3.6m span beam top bar 2 nos 10mm dia  and bottom bar 2 nos 12 mm dia .if  beam shape and size is increase reinforcement also increase. Reinforcement percentage 0.6% to 8 % of the area .

Lateral stirrup :- for nominal  8mm dia bar 150mm c/c. not exceed 300 mm.

Load :- slab load come to beam and beam load come to column .

Cove Block :- Beam 25 mm cover block maintain as per is 456, if sew waters 15 mm extra 40mm cover.

Location of beam :- out side wall and partition wall top maximum beam are coming  , not come to room meddle , plinth beam and slab beam are same size and same reinforcement 

stab Beam :- stab beam load carry forward to main beam , stab beam main reinforcement also between main beam 

Main bar :- Main bar always tension member , its may be top and bottom ,cantilever beam main bar at top and simple supported beam main bar at bottom.


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