Type of Ready mix Concrete grades


Type of Ready mix Concrete grades

Advantage of ready mix concrete : 

  • Good quality Concrete
  • Time saving 
  • if mass concrete pump also provide
  • Number of vehicle provide
  • if quality fail responsible for ready mix

Ready Mix Plant: If concrete produced at a location other than the construction site is generally and good control over the process. The concrete from the plant is dumped into a transit mixer for transportation to the construction site.

Concrete batching plant: Concrete can be produced on site using a batching plant of smaller capacity and directly used. These are used for small volumes.

Ready mix plant is of three types:

1.       Transit mixed concrete.

2.       Shrink mixed concrete.

3.       Central mixed concrete.

In transit mixed concrete: The mixing is done while charging the truck mixed and then drum is revolved at normal rate while going to site.

In shrink mixed concrete: Mixing is partly done at plant and partly at site.

In central mixed plant: mixing is completely done at plant.

Stage of concrete production: 











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