General Specifications:

Providing and fixing of 25/430 zinc titanium double lock standing seam roofing system (thickness: 0.7 mm) with crest height of 25 mm thick consisting of fixing clips made of stainless steel to connect the zinc panel to the hat section. Comprising of the following layers.

The zinc roof cladding system shall consist of the following elements to form a rigid, non-ventilated and watertight support base for installation of the pre weathered quartz zinc roofing sheets.

The roofing system shall comprise of the following described from top to bottom:

Top Layer- Zinc titanium standing seam profiled panels 25/430 (25 mm minimum seam height & 430 mm panel width) manufactured from zinc titanium alloy in preweathered quartz finish in 0.7 mm minimum thickness. The material.

Properties shall be as follows: ultimate tensile strength minimum 150 N/mm2 ,0.2% proof stress min 100 N/mm2, modulus of elasticity 90000 N/mm2 panels shall be fixed to the substructure using  stainless steel clips fixed and sliding clips of suitable height with spacing as required for the wind loads. The zinc manufacture shall have all the standing seam machines/tools and design assistance in indlia and should have supplied zinc roofing cladding in projects in india. All installation is to be carried out by manufacture approved trained roofing installer . The roof sheeting manufacture shall have ISO 9001/144001 quality certificate for the manufacture unit. The zinc roofing sheers shall be as per EN 988 standard . the zinc roofing sheet shall have a protective coting at the underside of the sheet the underside is coated with a polyurethane primer and with a polyaminde organic top coat compound (total thickness of two coats about two micrometers.

On the top surface. One the top zinc sheet shall have protective treatment. The transparent primer serves as an adhesive lauer and improve the corrosion protection it is 15 micrometer thick. The transparent resin is a high durability polyurethane ersin. The protective coating is 20 micrometers thick.

Second Layer: ant abrasive breathable membrane laid at the underside of zinc panels. Anti Abrasive membrane to be laid underside the roofing sheets. The heigh density polyethylene underlay membrane  of 0.6 mm with studs of 8.0mm spaced at 19.5mm . membrane shall have compression resistance of 250 kn/m2. It shall have stud free lateral edge of 100 mm for over lap of membrane .it should be chemically and electrically neutral, resistant to mold and chemically and stabilized for thermal cycles and dimensionally stable between. fire resistance rating class B2 according to  DIN 4102.

Third Layer: 1.5mm thick GI strip to place at distance 430 mm of fixing of clip.

Fourth Layer : 0.47mm TCT heigh tensile strength profile with nominal 3.0 to 4.0 mm deep ribs at pitch of nominal 48mm to 52 mm center to center distance 550 mpa yield strength.

Fifth Layer : -Z GRIT: sub girt in Z section 2.0mm thick in galvanized steel 275gsm fixed to steel purlins through bottom sheet.

Sixth layer: insulation – Rockwool /stone wool insulation of overall thickness 100mm density 60kg/m3 insulation with electrical conductivity of K=0.038/mk at 20 degree centigrade as per ASTM c5 18. Insulation shall ve with one side aluminum foil to act as vapor barrier. The minimum U value of the buildup shall be 0.35-0.40 w/m2 K taking into account thermal bridging and acoustical performance STC shall be of 45 dB with the negative tolerance of -2dB. Insulation shall have one side aluminum foil to act as vapor barrier.

Seventh Layer : bottom sheet -color coated trapezoidal Galvalume minimum thickness of 0.50mm profile sheet of 980-1050mm effective cover width and thickness of 0.5mm profile sheet of 980 -1050 mm effective cover width and 28-3 Hi strength steel with min. 550 mpa yield strength with 150 gsm /m2


Zinc Titanium material specifications

Physical characteristics of pre weathered zinc titanium roofing sheet

·         Density 7.2kg/dm3

·         Thermal expansion coefficient :0.022 mm/m x ‘C

·         Melting point 420 ‘C

·         Heat conductivity : 110 W

·         Electrical conductivity : 17Ms/m



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