is kota stone used for flooring ?


Kota stone flooring:-

The slabs shall be slected quality ,hard sound,dense and homogeneous in texture free form cracks ,decay ,weathering and flows. They shall be hand or machine cut to the requisite thckness. They shall be of the colour indicated in the drawing.

   The slabs shall have the top face polished before being brought to site,unless otherwise specified the slab shall conform to the size required .before starting the work the contractor shall get the samples of slabs approved by the engineer.

  •         Dressing :- Every slab shall be cut to the required size and shape and fine chisel dressed on the sides to the full depth so that a straight edge laid along the side of the stone shall be in full contact with it. The sides shall be table rubbed with coarse sand or machine rubbed before pacing . All angles and edges of the slabs shall be true , square and free form chippings ans the surface shall be true and plane.

The thickness of the slab after it is dreaded shall be 20,25,30 or 40 mm as specified in the   description of the indicative item specification drawing . Tolerance of +- 2mm shall be allowed for the     thickness . in respect of length and length and breadth of slabs tolerance of +-5mm for hand cut slabs and +-2mm for machine cut slabs shall be allowed.  

  •          Preparation of surface and laying:-the specification shall be as described ,except that the edges of the slab to be jointed shall be buttered with grey cement ,with admixture of pigment to match the shade of the slab. The thickness of joint s should be as minimum as possible . in any location , it shall not exceed 1mm .
  •         Polishing and finishing :- the specifications shall be as described except that first polishing with coarse grade carborundum stone shall not be done cement slurry with or without pigment shall nor be applied on the surface before polishing .
  •         Kota stone in risers of steps, skirting and dado :-Kota stone slabs and dressing shall be as specified , except that the thickness of the slabs shall be 25mm or as specified in the description of the indicative item /specification /drawing . the slabs may be of uniform if required.

                Peparation of surface shall be as specifed.

 The laying shall be as specified , except that the joint s of the slabs shall be set in grey cement    mixes with pigment ot match the shade of the slabs.            

Curing polishing and finishing shall be as specified , except that first polishing with coarse grade carborundum stone shall not be done.

  • Used : Rail way station ,parking shad,wear house,work shop,


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