what is the minimum cement in Rcc for slab

 What is the minimum cement in Rcc for slab

        As per is code minimum Grade of concrete M20 and mix ratio is 1:1.5:3 per cum 300 kg/cum. this cement quantity maintain for small structure like G+2,column and slab.

       Slab :-Minimum cement is 300kg/cum or mix ratio is 1:1.5:3 (minimum thick of building 125mm )

      Column :- column and slab is same cement and same ratio. (minimum size is 300mm x 300mm )

      Beam:- beam also same cement and same ratio. (minimum size is 200mm x 400mm or 300mm x 300mm)

      Footing :- Footing also same cement and same ratio .(minimum size is 900 mm  x 900mm and slab thick 150mm isolated 300mm thick)

      Brick work:- for brick work 1:6 ratio maintain .

      PCC:- for Pcc minimum cement is 175kg/cum and M7.5 mix ratio is 1:4:8 ( Minimum thick of the pcc is 75 mm thick like footing pcc and beam pcc and floor pcc,if floor no grad slab 100 mm thick pcc)

      Plastering :-  Maintain 1:6 ratio for 12mm thick and 1:4 for 6mm thick.

      Tiles :-  For tiles 1:7 ratio maintain.

      Curing :-  as per IS code for winter season 7 days curing required and summer season 10 days curing required.

      Cement :-  Every cement have to expire 3month of manufacturing date.

      IS code :  For Rcc IS code is 456 and Cement IS code is 1489 and reinforcement IS code is 1789


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