What is the standard size of bedroom

 What is the standard size of bedroom 

Bedroom size design for two persons sleeping and personal care and personal wearing material holding . it's only depending on your budget.

1. Size of bedroom 10'x12' or 12'x14' and 14'x16' . Single door(3'x7') and minimum one windows (4'x4')

2. Kitchen size minimum is 6'x6' minimum one ventilator 

3. Drawing room is 8'x10' one door and one ventilator.

4. Bathroom size is 4'x6' one door and one ventilator.

5. Balcony size is 4'x5'

6. Windows size 4'x4' or 3'x4'

7.Door size for main door 4'x8' or internal door is 3'x7'

8. Ventilator size is 2'x2'

9. Floor level will be minimum 2' above ground level.

Note :minimum floor to ceiling height is 2.75 m


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