2 Bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bath room house plane

 2 Bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bath room house plane

Introduction :-  any residential building bedroom and kitchen and bath room must required . the size will be depend on owner land space and budget. we mentation all technical things.


Bedroom  bedroom minimum height 9' feet (2700mm) minimum one windows and one door must required minimum fore corner four column and wall will be Bricks work and block work as you like.

Minimum size :- Bedroom 7' x 10' feet (70 sq.feet)

                                Kitchen 8' x 6' feet (48 sq. feet)

                                Bathroom 6' x 4' feet (sq. feet)

Standard size :- Bedroom 10' x 12' feet (120 sq.m)

                                Kitchen 10' x 8' feet (80 sq. feet)

                                Bathroom 7' x 5' feet (sq. feet) 

Door Size :-        Main door MD- 8' x 4' feet

                                Bedroom door D1=7' x 3' feet (6'6'' x 3')

                                Bath room door D2= 7' x 2'6'' feet (6'6'' x 2'6'')

Windows Size :-W1= 4' x 4' feet (bedroom)

                               W2= 3' x 4' feet (kitchen)

                               W3= 4' x 5' feet ( drawing room and corridor)

                               V1= 2' x 2' feet (kitchen)

 Stair case Details :- 1 meter width and riser will be 150mm and trader will be 275mm to 300mm and also landing will be 1m width for residential building .

Column size:-for building minimum size of the column will be 300mm x 300mm and 200mm x 450mm minimum 12mm dia of bar using .8mm dia bar letteral ties using 150mm c/c.

Beam size :- Any resiendisal building minimum size of beam is 200mm x 450mm  and also doing 300mm x 300mm . top 10mm dia 2 nos and bottom 12mm dia 2 nos . 8mm dia stirrup 150mm c/c

Slab :- Slab thickness will be 125mm and minimum 8mm steel using 150mm c/c and M25 great of concrete using 



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